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Baba Yaga

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Baba Yaga is an incredibly powerful hag who lives in a hut that walks around on massive chicken feet. Strix lived with her for a time and learned how to bake.[1] When Strix used the scroll given to her by Shemeshka to summon the Sewn Sisters, she noticed that the writing looked just like Baba Yaga's. [2]

D&D Lore[edit | edit source]

Baba Yaga has a number of popular adventures to her name. The initial Baba Yaga's Hut ran in Dragon Magazine. In 2nd Edition, there was a new version of the hut released in the form of a 48 page module written by Lisa Smedman. In 4th edition, Craig Campbell created a fully-fleshed out hut that revises and completes the 1st edition adventure.