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Handrew is an animated severed hand that was given to Paultin by the Raven Queen.[1]

Paultin and Evelyn examined the hand in Citadel Adbar and made friends with it.[2] Handrew, under Paultin's orders, took the ring of winter from Artus Cimber's corpse and gave it to Paultin. [3] Paultin gave Handrew the ring to keep it out of Klauth's grasp, but frost giants intervened and took possession of Handrew and the ring. [4] While near the yuan ti temple of Omu, Handrew tried to swim, but was unable to. [5]

When the group was searching for Paultin in Omu, they found the body of Ch'gakare, who Handrew was originally attached to. The grave of Ch'gakare turned out to be a portal to the Shadowfell, which the Wafflecrew used to follow him. [6]

Paultin gave Handrew and Ch'gakare's Chalice back to the Raven Queen, and in return she gave Simon the ability to speak. [7]