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Miranda is an elven druid played by guest star Rachel Seeley. She was in search of the ring of winter when her path crossed with the waffle crew. [1]She had befriended a tribe of vegepygmies. She met and teamed up with the group when they decided to go explore the yuan ti temple, in the hopes of finding and killing Ras Nsi. [2] Many of Miranda's vegepygmies were killed by Paultin while he was under the control of the ring of winter. [3] Miranda was able to take the ring of winter from the waffle crew and escape with the shadar kai. [4]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode 77 - Come Slither

Episode 78 - Mortal Coils

Episode 79 - The Nightmare Scenario

Episode 80 - Kaboom it May Concern

Episode 81 - Alignment

Episode 82 - Drinking Man's Game

Episode 83 - Ice in the Veins

Episode 84 - Domain Event