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Mourning Glory

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Morning Glory Image
Mourning Glory in her Pegasus form (art by @timepatches)

During her time in Barovia, Evelyn cast find steed[1], a spell that summons a loyal steed that she can dismiss and summon as she pleases.[2] The evil nature of Barovia corrupted her steed, giving it the appearance of an undead monstrosity. Sometimes Evelyn summons Mourning Glory with a quick, Disney-like humming tune.[3] Once the group returned to Faerun, Mourning Glory became a living, white horse.[4] Mourning Glory was a key part of the final battle of Ironslag. She drew the attention of the hell hounds and giants while the waffle crew fought Duke Zalto.[5]

When Evelyn summoned Mourning Glory in Omu, she had changed. The horse had a golden mane and tail, and there was a wing pattern emblazoned on her shoulders. [6]

When Evelyn passed into the afterlife, Mourning Glory transformed into a pegasus. [7]