Warrington Munt

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Warrington Munt is a Giff who had been serving on a Spelljammer (a magic-powered spaceship) that crashed into the sea some days out of Waterdeep. He was rescued by the Wafflecrew, and quickly assumed the first mate's position on board the Brazen Pegasus. [1] The Wafflecrew and the people on board the ship regard him with equal parts fear and amusement. Warrington was attacked by an intellect devourer and lost some of his short-term memory. Magnus took him to a church to get it restored. [2]

When the group arrived in Waterdeep, Warrington was separated from them for a time. He eventually found their new home and has more or less moved in. During a battle at the home, a barrel of gunpowder that he was holding exploded, but he survived the incident. [3]

D&D Lore[edit | edit source]

The Giff are a race of humanoid hippo-folk who first appeared in the 2nd edition Spelljammer setting. They are mercenaries who have an an unhealthy obsession with weaponry, particularly muskets and blunderbusses.